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We help teams and athletes at all levels raise money for their team or favorite cause. Learn more about who we work with and how our community is making an impact!

Pledge It for High School & Youth Teams

Teams know every time they score, they are earning donations for new uniforms, travel expenses, and upgraded facilities. We allow coaches and players to spend less time fundraising and more time doing what they love.

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Pledge It for College & Pro Teams

We offer teams a new and unique way to engage their fans while making a positive impact in the community. Teams can raise money for their favorite charity, simply by playing the game.

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Pledge It for Pro Athletes

A new way for professional athletes to impact lives and build a lasting legacy off the field while performing on the field.

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Pledge it for Individuals

Earn your donations. Create a fundraising campaign for your next marathon, endurance race, fitness challenge, and more!

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We give charities the power to leverage relationships with professional athletes, collegiate athletics, high school and youth teams, and individuals competing in a game or event.

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