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Creating & Using Segments to Drive Donations

Understanding your donor base is the key to driving donations. Why are they donating? How often do they donate? Do they donate time? Money? Goods?

Segmenting your audience - people who donate online, people who donate monthly, people who donate after major events like natural disasters - can help you build a relationship with them and more effectively market to them in the future. However, it’s hard to spend time building segments when you’re so busy working on other projects.

There are technologies that can help you build segments without taking too much time out of your busy day. One of these companies is, a post-click marketing platform that helps marketers learn more about their audience via interactive campaigns.

Jebbit allows marketers to build campaigns by using branching questions that personalize the user experience based on their responses. These campaigns overlay a website or landing page, and are based in question-and-answer experiences. Users are incentivized to answer the questions with a reward, like a coffee mug from the nonprofit or a sweepstakes to win concert tickets.

The most important part of segmenting is knowing what you want to learn about your audience. Do you want to know how much they donate? How often they donate? In the case of Jebbit, that means knowing what questions you want to ask your site visitors. Once you’ve established your profiling goals, you can develop questions that feel natural to the user’s experience, but that help you collect the information you need.

Launching a Jebbit campaign is simple - each campaign generates a unique link that can be distributed across any digital marketing channel (email, social media, etc.).

Jebbit campaigns can push data collected from a campaign into your marketing automation system or CRM. Once you have these data points about your audience, you can start personalizing all contact with them. For example, if you know they tend to donate $20 at a time, put them in an email segment for the $20 to $30 range. If you know they donate during the holiday season, increase communication with them during that time and slow it down afterwards.

Thoroughly segmenting your audience will help you more successfully ask for donations from them in the future, and do so in a personalized way that builds their loyalty.

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Published on December 15, 2015

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