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Best Ways to Promote Your Fundraising Campaign

The more people who know about your campaign, the more you can raise. To help make your fundraising campaign a success, you’ll need to get plenty of people to show their support and pledge.

Target the following groups:

  • Friends & family
  • Alumni groups
  • Coaching staff
  • Players
  • League officials
  • Boosters
  • Student groups
  • Faculty members
  • Local businesses
  • Media

Targeting these groups and any other groups with an interest in supporting your team is the easiest way to promote your campaign.

Email Everyone You Know

Email is an excellent way to reach a large audience of potential pledgers. Sending an email to your entire contact list to announce the fundraising campaign is a great way to inform your network of supporters. Don’t discount anyone. You will be surprised by who will step up! Include a link to your fundraising website in your email message, making it simple for potential pledgers to sign up and make online pledges.

In your email message talk about the reasons your campaign matters to the team, the school, and the local community. Write the message from the heart, and make it genuine. Don’t just ask for people to pledge. Remember, you are not asking your friends for money; you are giving them an opportunity to help!

Leverage Social Media

Spread the word through your social networking with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Linkedin groups. Social media makes it easy to keep your followers and fans informed with updated announcements about fundraising news, especially for those who live outside of your local community.

Keep followers and fans informed with messages about how much is needed to reach your goals. Give special attention to pledgers who pledge a large amount, and make sure to follow those who show you support. Start conversations on your social media accounts about what you’re trying to accomplish with the campaign. Add your campaign link to all of your social media accounts so followers and fans can easily pledge to your campaign. Share stories and photos, highlight sponsors or pledgers, and add you campaign video link. The more you can create buzz around the campaign and get people talking about it in a positive way, the more you will raise.

Use your social media accounts to encourage people to support your efforts. Update it often so that it’s at the top of your friends’ newsfeed (even if you just count down the days until your event). Thank your donors by posting a message on their wall so that their friends can see it. Create an “event” and invite people to join. Share updates with any “groups” you belong to.

Contact Local Media

The most underutilized way of building support for your fundraising campaign, but one of the best ways, is contacting the local media. This includes radio shows, TV stations, and local newspapers. Publicity can help establish your campaign in a positive way and build your reputation in the community. The impact of your fundraising efforts is always far greater than you think. Local publicity enhances fundraising activities by expanding your reach to community members who are closest to your team and campaign.

Thank Your Donors

Once someone pledges to your campaign, send a personal email or handwritten note (preferred) thanking him or her for the pledge. Someone who pledges to your campaign believes in what you’re doing. They are your biggest fans. Spend an extra minute to write a personalized message about why their pledge will make a difference. Use this opportunity to ask them one last time to encourage their friends and family to get involved. This method of promoting your campaign comes after someone pledges but it’s an invaluable engagement method to attract new supporters.

Always Remember

The sooner you get started the easier it will be to reach your goal.

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Published on June 18, 2015

by JohnPaul Bennett

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