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Learn the basics about the steps to take once your fundraising campaign is complete. You will learn about the best follow up process with your supporters and tips on how to share your final fundraising campaign results with your community. You will also learn about when donations will be received and how to launch your next fundraising campaign.

Can I Receive Pledges and Donations After My Campaign Ends?

Yes and no.

The ability for supporters to pledge ends after you finalize the last game or event of your campaign. Supporters can still make one-time donations for up to one week. The pledge page will automatically switch to a donate page. This feature helps you convert visitors who hear about your campaign results after the campaign is over. Sometimes you will receive additional press after your campaign ends.

Additionally, you can use the Donate page to ask supporters to make one final donation before your campaign is complete.

Communicating to Supporters

After your campaign is complete, supporters will receive an automated email message with details about their donation as well as resources to view the fundraising campaign. As a Campaign Manager, you will have access to all of the donor information such as first name, last name, email addresses, mailing addresses, amount pledged and amount donated. We recommend that you use this information to thank donors, communicate about fulfilling any Pledge Rewards and letting them know about the next fundraiser.

Thanking Donors

This is the most important step you can take after your campaign ends. Your supporters will greatly appreciate and love you even more if they receive a personalized thank you letter from you. You have access to each supporters contact information so make your thank you letter personal and genuine.

Remember, personalize thank you emails and letters can go a long way, especially when the next fundraiser comes around and you need to ask for a new pledge or donation.

Here's an example donor thank you email. Feel free to use this when you send a thank you email to supporters.

Thank You Email Template

SUBJECT: Thank you for supporting our campaign and cause

BODY: Dear [insert name],

Thank you! We received your generous donation to the [Name of Your Campaign] campaign in order to benefit [Name of Recipient]. It means the world to us.

We are so lucky to have you as a supporter and fan. Your generous donation will go to good use, and we’ll update you throughout the year with special updates and announcements.

Thank you again for your donation to the [Name of Your Fundraiser] campaign.


[Your name]

[Contact info]

Fulfilling Pledge Rewards

PLEDGE IT does not fulfill any Pledge Rewards orders but does provide tips on how to do in the most effective way. If you decided to add a Pledge Reward (i.e. pledge $5 per touchdown to receive a t-shirt), it is up to you to fulfill each qualifying Pledge Reward. You can use the donor reports to access donor information

PLEDGE IT does not collect mailing address information. Mailing address information can only be obtained by enabling Stripe Connect before your campaign launches. You can find mailing address information on each donor in the Stripe Connect donor report.

When Do I Receive Funds?

Funds can be received throughout the length of a campaign. It largely depends on how long your campaign lasts. Funds are processed at the end of each month. If you sign up for Stripe Connect, you can receive funds within a 48 hour window. If you do not sign up for Stripe Connect it can take an additional 2-3 weeks to receive funds. We recommend signing up for Stripe Connect since it's free and more convenient.

Planning Your Next Fundraiser

As mentioned above, it is helpful to send personalized thank you emails or letters after your campaign ends if you plan to launch a fundraiser in the following year. Supporters will be more likely to support your campaign if they feel special.

Note: you can launch multiple campaigns for the same cause at any time. You can't re-launch the same campaign though. You'll need to create a new campaign page. You can recruit new teams and athletes to participate in your second fundraiser or launch the same campaign with the same teams and athletes.

If you plan to launch a similar fundraiser in the following year, we recommend that you use a similar image, name and description. Keep in mind, following the above suggestion will make your life easier when you want to launch your second fundraiser.

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Published on July 6, 2015

by JohnPaul Bennett

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